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Principal: Benjamin Thomas Solomon

Financial analyses, credit risk, business reengineering, strategy, sales, supply chain.



1.    Master of Business Studies, Banking and Finance, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland (1995)

2.    Master of Arts, Operations Research, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom (1982)

3.    Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom (1979)



Some of you already know, I think differently from most people, as my IQ is 164 (i.e., less than 1 in a 100,000 people have this IQ). We are the people who disrupt markets and industries.

In June 2023, my paper “The Multiple Sclerosis Stress Equation” was published by the Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics. This link http://www.xodusonemanagement.com/2053-7662-11-1-(2023-08-13).pdf includes a small correction on page 17, and shows a new approach for disease analysis/modeling while side stepping issues when statistical methods breakdown. This is a landmark paper as it is the first paper ever to mathematically/statistically, relate negative stress to disease symptoms. I expect this paper to change how we view diseases.

The European Central Bank’s research opinion is that banks have a risk problem despite the level of sophistication of their risk management tools. In my monograph “A Critique of Dodd-Frank” I proposed a new bank product HELSIS, to minimize the financial and economic impact of future financial meltdowns. This is an alternative to, and equivalent to, the bricks of Geithner’s “Wall of Money”, that is, a distributed wall. I expect HELSIS will reduce a bank’s capital requirements, but it requires our politicians to . . .

I discovered the first and only formula, g=τc^2 for gravitational acceleration in 336 years (1687-2023) that does not have mass in the equation, thereby proving definitely, that the acceleration of a falling body is independent of its mass. Then discovered how all macro forces, gravity, electromagnetic and mechanical are unified by g=τc^2. Proved that the gravitational constant G is not a constant but a coefficient that is inversely proportional to the isotopic mass. g=τc^2 means that all string theories are flawed. When accepted by the physics community it will immensely impact astronomy and cosmology.

The question I’ve always asked myself, during these past 40+ years, is “how do we make decisions?” Since, having spent a decade in CMBS stress testing, influenced by Kaizen, I have narrowed this question to “how do we prevent bad decisions?” That is, since life, economy and the market environment is always in a flux, the “optimization” problem cannot be “what is the best solution, today?” It should be “what is a good solution, today, that allows us to be successful tomorrow, too?”, because tomorrow is indeterminate for non-trivial problems and real-world business problems cycle.

If you want to improve your outcomes, please reach out to me. What model do you want me to build?